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Superman is ridiculously faster than any of these characters, and quite a bit stronger, too. On top of that, it is perfectly in-character for DCEU Superman to speedblitz. The Avengers have no chance, even with Vision and Spider-Man added. Superman vs The Avengers. Everyone has all their powers and weapons. MCU Avengers from the First film vs Superman Clark Kent Any superman from the DCEU or comic story line you choose.

As for Superman tanking bombs Thor and The Avengers have tanked explosions from Sokovia before. But of course none of that matters and it's all wrong because it doesn't appeal to some moronic fanboy cock suck that seems to be infesting the vine lately like a Shadow King parasite. 02/05/2019 · marvel justice legue. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. I think people are giving Superman far too much credit. This fight would wind down to Superman vs Thor and Hulk. Thor's got an upcoming film and nobody knows is Hulk's going to get another one.But we've only seen once of what superman's capable of whereas we're going to get to see again what Thor can do when his sequel comes around. Superman takes it, he survived a nuke, and recovered fully after like two seconds of sunlight, he didnt even flinch when hit with the bomb that destroyed the capital building, he pulled a giant cargo rig, andlifted a quarter of a oil rig, which can be calculated, to have weighed 250,000 tons, in other words he lifted 500 million pounds, hes. this is just superman vs thor and hulk. the rest don't matter. he could blitz the rest. if superman used his speed correctly, he could win this pretty easily. if he fought like a.

We were on the fence with this one, because the Justice League have a more diverse set of leaders to choose from while the Avengers really have just the one. For our DC heroes, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are the choices for taking the reins, although Green Lantern and Aquaman fill. 20/04/2019 · Superman vs. The Avengers; All users, both new and returning, are expected to follow THE CBR COMMUNITY STANDARDS & RULES. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you. It truly depends on the lineup of the Avengers and the Justice League, so I will put forth the line up that I like and we’ll see what occurs. Also just to be clear I am using the MCU and DCEU versions of these characters. The Avengers: 1. Captain. Justice League VS The Avengers: Marvel e DC ancora una contro l'altra. Batman ha radunato un gruppo di eroi per combattere le minacce a cui la Terra è stata esposta dopo la morte di Superman. Con lui Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman e Flash, pronti a scontrarsi con il diabolico Steppenwolf.

The Avengers vs The Justice LeagueWho Is.


FAKE COVERS 11: SUPERMAN VS. THE AVENGERS: THE MENACE OF THE CONTINENTAL DRIFT! di Roberto Coltro Continua la saga di Superman fuori dal DC Universe, alle prese stavolta con il mondo dei Vendicatori, in un'avventura altamente improbabile narrata attraverso le spassose fake covers di Roberto "The Fake Covers' Man" Coltro! 03/04/2019 · Digital artist “mr_didnt” has created a new image featuring Henry Cavill’s Superman in the same style as the Avengers: Endgame character posters. Last month, Marvel Studios released Avengers: Endgame character posters for the surviving and. Seeing the mighty Avengers, his last line of defense, who had managed to stop an alien invasion led by a god, completely outclassed and useless as General Zod and Superman fought in the sky made him rethink that. Every single agent of SHIELD was rethinking that, he noticed.

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